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News Vibhaga‘ an online NEWS website and part of Vibhaga online network, founded and started by Mr. Umesh Yellaboina. We are a struggling startup dreaming to build an online network by providing best services through our online websites. Some of our other online portals are as follows:

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Contact Details

News Vibhaga, Vibhaga Group.

Address: Plot no: 296, Jubilee Hills Rd: 26, H&M Fashion Mall lane, Opp to Peddama Temple lane, Hyderabad, Telangana State.


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About us

Contact Details:

E-Mail: Info@Vibhaga.com

Mobile: +91 9700704595

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‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’ by Warner Bros

I think most of you not aware of this movie, and didn't yet watch the trailer. Yes, the movie on Pokemons and the title is...
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