‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’ by Warner Bros

Warner Bros is coming up with new entertaining live animation film 'Pokemon Detective Pikachu'. 90's kids gonna revive their past sweet memories.


I think most of you not aware of this movie, and didn’t yet watch the trailer. Yes, the movie on Pokemons and the title is ‘Pokemon Detective Pikachu’. The movie is going to challenge everyone’s assumptions about how they gonna show all the pokemons. As ‘The Pokemons’ was a popular cartoon show those days, this movie will definitely revive the past sweet memories of 1990’s kids.

The director of the movie is ‘Rob Letterman’ who earlier directed ‘Monsters vs Aliens & Shark’, ‘Goosebumps’, ‘Gulliver’s Travels’, and ‘Shark Tale’ movies. Production companies are ‘Legendary Entertainments’ & ‘Toho Co Ltd’, its a joint venture by American and Japanese companies, and the movie distributor is ‘Warner Bro’s’.

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