Tips to Overcome Gaming Disorder

How to overcome video gaming addiction?


After knowing all about the gaming disorder and its symptoms, you feel like facing the same problem and feeling tense, don’t worry much, will help you to get out of this addiction, but be sure to read till the end of this article. First, take a deep breath and feel little relief as you came up to here in knowing about this gaming disorder and want to get out of this addiction. Yes, being aware of the disorder and its malefic effects will help you make your mind to take a step towards de-addiction.

Firstly know how deep you are addicted to the gaming:

Knowing how deep we’re into engaging in gaming activity will help us know whether it is really an addiction (gaming disorder) or not. The person who plays the game most of the time in a day or most of the week, don’t bother about their job and rely on others who give money, and missing their friends and relatives moreover becoming anti-social are considered as they got more addicted to the gaming.

Try to reduce the amount of time on Video-Gaming Devices:

To reduce the time on gaming activities, try going out with friends or relatives and be social, try to keep the gaming system or devices away from you for some time, take the help of your family members in this.

Schedule the physical sports activity instead of video gaming hours:

As per my knowledge, try boxing, basketball or cricket to keep our mind and body active. Do any kind of physical sports activity to keep the mind and body active.

Ask your friends and family to help:

We might get back to the gaming device or console if we lose our motivation, so better take the help from family and friends to encourage in this de-addiction goals. I’m sure that it works.

Keep away your gaming console/device, impossible to reach:

The better way to keep the gaming device which is impossible to reach is to lend it to your friends for some long time, or give it to your parents and instruct them to hide from you, or if you are about to go on a vacation trip, don’t take it along with you.

Keep other activities on Day plan:

Include activities other than gaming in your daily plan, such as outing with your friends or find a temporary/permanent job, playing physical sports.

Try to wait at least for 30 days to engage in gaming activity again:

This is the average time for most of the people to break any kind of habit or addiction, it might work for you.

After getting back the device, try not to play for a week while you have it:

Try not to play it for a week when it returned back to you, test your self-control and feel it, but if you do play the game, limit yourself for a specific time, advised not more than an hour per day.

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