As per the recent I.C.D draft (International Classification of Diseases) by World Health Organization, ‘Video-game Addiction’ is now considered as a mental health disorder on certain conditions.

I.C.D is basically prepared and released by ‘World Health Organization’ to identify the health conditions worldwide with global statistics. It mainly provides the guidelines to the healthcare industry in considering the health conditions as disorders. These were followed by medical practitioners globally to diagnose and categorize health conditions. The health disorders which were included in this I.C.D will be taken into account while planning for public health strategies. WHO is working on updating the I.C.D, and it scheduled the publication in mid-2018.

As per the draft report released by WHO, Video game addiction is included in the I.C.D-11 as a mental health disorder (gaming disorder). As per the info, if any person is playing video games (Digital games) frequently for most of the time, by affecting his daily activities which leads to negative consequences were considered as gaming disorder.

Not everyone who plays video games should tense, the report saying that it is affecting only the small portion of people who are taking part in video game activities. But, be alert to the amount of time spending on gaming activities, mainly when excluding other daily activities, and observe the physical and psychological health conditions, and social activities affected due to the gaming.

As per the survey by Intel Corporation, there are around 1.8 billion people are engaging in video-gaming activities, it sounds a huge number, that around 1/10th of the world online population.

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