This is an unexpected situation happened all of sudden when everyone are in the festive mood and enjoying watching the burning of ‘Rakshasa Ravan’ effigy with huge fireworks, Organizers suggested everyone move little distant from the place of effigy to be safe from the fireworks. Most of them moved on to rail track watching the fireworks and taking selfie pictures and videos of the celebrations, forgot that they were on track, all of sudden a fast approaching train ran over the people, no one observed the coming train and didn’t hear the sound due to those fireworks. At that time, more than 200 people are on track, 61 died till now and 70 people injured, fatalities may increase.

Residents said, before this killer express train, two other trains moved on the track but slowly. Ashwani Lohani, railway board chairman gave a statement saying that they were not intimidated about the event ‘Ravana Dahan’ happening alongside the railway track. He said that accident occurred between the ‘Amritsar’ and ‘Manawala’ railway stations. “The trains are assigned to run at their speeds in the mid-section, and there is no railway staff posted in the midsections, but posted at the level crossings to regulate the traffic & none of them were aware of this event and no one expected the people on the tracks” he said why the railway was not alerted by its staff about this event.

“There was no information and no permission sought from us, this event took place in the adjoining of railway land in private property,” he added.

But the locals saying that the event is taking place since last 20 years, in a vacant land at Joda Phatak. Locals said that the tragedy took place at 07:10.PM, when the tracks were packed with the people watching the burning of the effigy.

However the tragedy happened within a fraction of seconds, but who is responsible for this, everyone should think deeply about this, everything is happened by the negligence of organizers, railway department, local government authorities, local police etc… If we think and analyze deeply who are responsible for this, everyone from locals, state government to central government authorities are responsible.

The organizers should have planned the event perfectly with permissions or appropriate intimations to the authorized departments. The police or concerned departments should have aware and take necessary precautions at this kind of events (if this event is really taking place here since last 20 years).

Not only the people of Punjab, but the whole country had also shocked & saddened by this tragedy.

Image Source: Pexels.

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